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Success Stories

Gain insights from industry leaders with over 20 years’ experience about their decisions to join Volaris Group.

  • AssetWorks provides organizations with appraisal software and services, facilities management software and services, fleet management systems, fixed asset management software, and integrated automated fueling systems.

    "Over ten years ago, AssetWorks joined Volaris Group. Since then, Volaris’ ongoing investment in the business enabled us to pursue organic growth opportunities. We have introduced nine new products, doubled the size of the sales team, and tripled the size of the marketing team."

    – Gordon Smith, Former COO, AssetWorks LLC; Current Portfolio Manager, Volaris Group

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  • InCircuit offers highly-customized software solutions to public sector entities. InCircuit was integrated to AssetWorks Fixed Asset Management division upon acquisition in 2010.

    "Becoming part of the AssetWorks family has created new opportunities for our employees, customers, and solutions... The business has grown since acquisition and is poised for future growth that would not otherwise have been possible."

    – Dean Hebert, Owner, InCircuit Development Corp; General Manager, AssetWorks LLC

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  • Smartrak helps private, government, and emergency services organizations maximize productivity and safety through cutting-edge fleet and mobility management software.

    "From my perspective as a professional manager, the business was at a point where it really needed to take the next step. We were outgrowing ourselves and needed to find an acquirer that could allow us to flourish."

    – Troy O’Connor, CEO of Smartrak

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  • eQuip by AssetWorks (formerly E-ISG) offers users a robust and dynamic solution for tracking, managing, and reporting on assets across their lifecycle. Upon joining AssetWorks, eQuip was integrated with AssetWorks’ Asset Management offerings.

    "Knowing that Volaris has acquired hundreds of software companies and has experience in the Asset Management industry was a huge factor in our decision. Additionally, the commitment to keep our team intact and the willingness to work with us to grow the business and meet our revenue goals proved that Volaris was the right home for our company."

    – Eric Beser, Founding CTO, E-ISG

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  • The eRIMS solution by Emerson offers users a robust and dynamic solution to manage risk within their organizations. Emerson was integrated to AssetWorks’ Risk Management business upon acquisition in 2019.

    "We each got to meet one on one with HR to discuss our main job responsibilities and where we wanted to go in the future with the eRIMS solution. We had a really good chance to show the Volaris team what we had to offer and what our solution did for our customers."

    – David Sumner, Former COO, Emerson

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  • Lightbulb Analytics Ltd. (LBA) is one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of telematics driven data analytics.

    "Over the past fifteen years the team at Lightbulb Analytics has developed a truly unique product for the fleet sector. Volaris were the ideal purchaser for the business. They have the plan , the resources, and the vision to help the business achieve its full potential."

    – Professor Colin Tourick , Owner of Lightbulb Analytics

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