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Organic Growth Through Initiatives: The AssetWorks Story

When a company first joins Volaris Group, we work together to determine the best ways to promote organic growth for their business. Volaris Group offers best practices and strategies collected from over 100 software companies in our network that help companies achieve long-term stability. One common approach to organic growth is to develop new initiatives based on market trends.

As defined by Volaris Group, initiatives are “specific projects designed to achieve growth that are measurable and involve doing something new or different.” New initiates are key to achieving these objectives. Mark Miller, CEO of Volaris Group explains,

“Organic growth shows that you’re in tune with your customers’ needs and trying to solve their problems. There’s tremendous opportunity to do that for our customers. This is possible no matter what industry you’re in.”

The process of developing an initiative creates new possibilities for both employees and customers. Employees can meet new challenges and explore new technologies while providing innovative products and services to customers.

Take for example, the shift to a greener future through electric vehicles (EVs). It is projected that in 2040, 60 million electric vehicles will be sold, equivalent to 55% of the global light-duty vehicle market (1). At state and federal levels, mandates are shaping the future of EVs in fleets. An executive order in California was signed that requires all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California be zero-emission vehicles by 2035 (2). In addition, President Biden signed an executive order in January 2021 to replace the government’s vehicle fleet with electric vehicles, including vehicles for federal, state, local, and tribal government fleets, and vehicles of the United States Postal Service (3). While these changes won’t happen overnight, the shift to zero-emission fleets is well underway, and companies across the world need to be prepared to adapt to this new market.

Enter AssetWorks, a fleet management software provider that has been a part of Volaris Group since 2008.

As new mandates continued to emerge and views towards electric vehicles shifted, AssetWorks recognized an opportunity to provide a new solution to the industry. To achieve organic growth, AssetWorks developed an initiative to build the first enterprise class, cross-EV platform on the market. This new solution would help AssetWorks stay ahead of competition and achieve strong, sustainable growth in the future.

AssetWorks collaborated with other software businesses within Volaris Group to share best practices and strategies on how to successfully bring this solution to the market. They also leveraged organic growth training modules available through Volaris Group to build a comprehensive plan to promote and sell the new initiative. By utilizing the support available at Volaris Group, AssetWorks will continue to grow and provide innovative software solutions to the fleet management industry.

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